ARTH Guidebook
Use cases of ARTH
A means of exchange & store of value.

No depreciation or loss of purchasing power

One of the biggest differentiators of ARTH amongst other stablecoins is that it is inherently designed to protect a user its purchasing power.
This means users who hold ARTH for longer periods of time should see their purchasing power increase when compared to fiat currencies.

Taking Leverage positions on ETH/BTC

In future implementations of the ARTH valuecoin, the protocol will allow users to mint ARTH tokens by placing down some amount of collateral.
In this implementation, the ARTH token is under-collateralized to open a lending position.
A hypothetical example is this. User deposits 100$ of ETH to mint 90$ ARTH tokens. Then 90$ of ARTH is then further sold off in the open market for 90$ worth of more ETH. Hence creating an effective long position on ETH.

Performing Arbitrage Across Multiple Volatile Currencies

By having trading pairs that offer assets, ARTH in effect also plays the role of becoming an arbitrage token. Allowing traders to trade against the market inefficiencies with ARTH.
Since ARTH will have pairs that include volatile pairs like ARTH/ETH, ARTH/WBTC and ARTH/MAHA and can be redeemed at a common price; the price difference between the two quote assets presents an arbitrage opportunity.
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