Welcome to ARTH

ARTH is the world's first decentralized algorithmic valuecoin. This guidebook details the working of ARTH valuecoin and explains the components in the protocol.

🚀ARTH Valuecoin Protocol Launch - 22 Jan, 2021

ARTH is the future. Say hello to timeless value

ℹ️Basic Information

  • Token Name: $ARTH

  • Type: ERC-20

  • Token Genesis Launch date: 18 January 2021

  • Valuecoin Protocol Launch date: 22 January 2021, 3 PM GMT

  • First Epoch: 22 January 2021, 4 PM GMT

  • Seigniorage: 12 hours

  • Blockchain: Ethereum Mainnet

  • Circulating Supply: Elastic (based on demand and supply)

  • Start off Price at Protocol Launch: US$ 1

  • Target Price over time: Pegged to GMU Index

  • Product Website: http://arthcoin.com

📝Note: ARTH token genesis event was successfully held on 16 January 2021 when the ARTH token was launched. MahaDAO launched the official $ARTH protocol on 22 January 2021 that converts the ARTH token into the world's first valuecoin comprising (ARTH Bonds, Arth Global Measurement Unit (GMU), Seignorage shares, etc) the innovative mechanism of the most advanced decentralised protocol. ARTH is NOT a rebase coin. ARTH is based on the model of seigniorage share model. $ARTH has an elastic supply that has the potential to transition into a hybrid model that incorporates a partially collateral-backed mechanism.

ARTH. Purchase. Power.

🎁Key features of the ARTH Valuecoin platform

For those familiar with the existing elastic stablecoin platforms, here are the key features of the ARTH platform:

  • Epoch interval: 12 hours (Dynamic)

  • Max debt increase per epoch: 3%-5%

  • Max supply increase per epoch: 15-30%

  • Target Price: Starts at 1$; Pegged to Global Measurement Unit, hence subject to change in the future

  • Bond Interest Rates: 10–20%

  • Bond Redemption Fees: 1% paid in $MAHA (burnt)

🌐Contract Addresses

The contract addresses for the Ethereum ERC20 tokens are: