This page talks about what is ARTH and what makes it different from other stablecoins.
ARTH is a stablecoin that is designed to overtime appreciate against the US dollar whilst at the same time remain relatively stable.
ARTH is issued using decentralized smart contracts that use cryptocurrency as collateral to maintain its peg. The fees charged to mint ARTH using cryptocurrency collateral at 0% interest rates which makes it very cost effective for borrowing/lending.
ARTH only is fully backed with mechanisms that give ARTH a backing of at least 110% in highly liquid cryptocurrency collateral.

0% Interest Fees on Borrowing

You take out loans and that’s it. No interests accrued, at all.
Unlike lending protocols like Compound or MakerDAO, the way ARTH does this is by charging a one-time borrowing fee that adjusts algorithmically whenever a loan is opened.
ARTH becomes the cheapest stablecoin to borrow against.

Minimal Collateralization Ratio

110% — that’s it! And In some cases when the collateral used is stablecoins, the ratio is even lower, all the way down to 105%.
Although we advise users to put a CR of not below 150%, the system allows for collateralization up to 110%. That means you can only be liquidated once your CR reaches below 110%.

Staking Rewards

You can find a list of all staking/farming programs on https://arth.mahadao.com/#/farming

No depreciation or loss of purchasing power

One of the biggest differentiators of ARTH amongst other stable coins is that it is designed to appreciate against the US dollar.
This means users who hold ARTH for longer periods of time should see an increase in their purchasing power when compared to other currencies.

Contract Addresses

These are the deployed contracts on the various networks.
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