In this section, we explain to you the steps involved in swapping your ARTH tokens for ARTHX.

Step 1: Go to https://arthcoin.com/#/genesis‚Äč

Step 2: Go to the Swap ARTH tab

Step 3: Enter the amount of ARTH you would like to swap for ARTHX

Step 4: Click on Approve ARTH

Step 5: This will open a wallet dialogbox. Confirm the transaction on your wallet to proceed.

Step 6: Click Confirm on your wallet to proceed

Step 7: Click on Swap ARTH

Step 8: Confirm the amount of ARTHX you will receive for swapping ARTH. Note: 1 ARTH = 100 ARTHX

Step 9: Click on Swap ARTH again

Step 10: This will open a dialogbox on your wallet. Click on Confirm button

This screen confirms that you have successfully swapped your ARTH tokens for ARTHX. Congratulations!