ARTH Guidebook
What is ARTH?
This page explains to users what is ARTH and how does it play an impact in today's world.
ARTH is a next-generation digital currency designed to tackle the depreciation of government-owned currencies (like US Dollar, Euro, or Chinese Yuan), but at the same time remain relatively stable (unlike Gold and Bitcoin).
Hence, ARTH is the first currency to be immune to inflation and stable at the same time.
Government-owned currencies have proven that they can be inflated and lose their value over time. Furthermore, assets like Gold/Bitcoin while have proven themselves as strong hedges against inflation, have proven themselves too volatile for regular trade. ARTH is the first currency that solves both these issues in one asset.

How does ARTH fight inflation but also remain stable?

ARTH does this by being pegged to a basket of assets that represent strong hedges of each other; so that if one asset depreciates in buying power, the other appreciates because it acts as a hedge against the first asset, keeping the net buying power of the entire basket unchanged.
Performance of ARTH across various scenarios including crises has been documented in the ARTH target price.
Last modified 7mo ago