New Launch: ARTH Loans 🚀

In this page, we briefly explain the upcoming ARTH Loans platform...

The ARTH Loans platform will be the second major product by MahaDAO. ARTH Loans is set to launch on August 15th, 2021.

ARTH Loans is a 0% interest loan platform that will use ARTH valuecoin as its primary asset to transact loans. Borrowers can take leverage and extract loans by collateralizing 110% of their crypto asset.

Launch Details

🚀Launch Date: August 15, 2021 Launch Time: TBA 🕸Network: Polygon (Previously Matic) Minimum Collateralization Ratio: +110% Suggested Collateralization Ratio: +150% 💱Integrated Collateral Assets: WMATIC, WETH, DAI 🛡Deployment Address: Learn more about ARTH Loans below: