Concept of pools
MahaDAO announced the launch of farming pools on the Binance Smart Chain & Polygon Chain with the following pools:
🔹 $ARTH / $MAHA on BSC
🔹 $ARTH / $MAHA on Polygon
🔹 $ARTH / $BUSD on BSC
🔹 $ARTH / $USDC on Polygon
Provisions for Liquidity mining act as a backbone for DeFi projects to allow community members to earn yield for providing liquidity to the protocol. The incentives help grow the value locked within the ecosystem which is a meaningful metric for any DeFi project.

Prerequisites for farming

You can farm ARTH & MAHA on the Binance Smart Chain & Polygon Chain. What you’ll need to get started:
  • Metamask or any other wallet connected to the Polygon or BSC chain
  • ARTH in your connected wallet
  • MAHA in your connected wallet
Official address of MAHA: Polygon | BSC
Official address of ARTH: Polygon | BSC​​

How to procure MAHA

There are 2 ways you can procure MAHA.
1)Bridge MAHA from Anyswap.
If you have MAHA on another chain that you’d like to bridge to your preferred chain, you can use the Multichain router.
Please follow the simple steps on the Multichain UI by entering your source chain & destination chain.
2) Buy MAHA from DEXes on your preferred chain. The MAHA token is listed on the following DEXes. You can procure MAHA from any of them: