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What is MAHA?
This page talks about the MAHA governance token.
MAHA is the governance and utility token that regulates the ARTH valuecoin and keeps the protocol decentralised. Decentralisation is one of the most important features that gives value to the ARTH token. The more decentralised ARTH becomes, the easier it becomes for users to trust the functionalities governing ARTH.
MAHA token holders have an influence on ARTH in a number of different scenarios. MAHA token holders can govern:
  • Stability fees
  • Protocol direction & strategy
  • Improvement proposals that optimise the Protocol
Community members use the MAHA token to vote on key aspects of the ecosystem in order to collectively manage the parameters that keep ARTH stable and in check. Using democratic frameworks such as governance portals, forums & the power of social discourse, growth is driven by the community and for the community.
MAHA, means supreme, magnanimous, and being greater than itself
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