ARTH Guidebook
Staking Programs
This page talks about the various staking pools and the features they offer.
The ARTH protocol has various staking programs that is designed to allow token holders to earn rewards while they lock their holdings in these pools.
Staking programs allow users to stake single-token (eg: ARTH & MAHA) and liquidity pool tokens (eg: ARTH-ETH etc..).
Users who stake for longer periods of time can have their rewards boosted. This is done to encourage long-term holders.
Furthermore, users who stake earn rewards in multiple tokens not limited to just ARTH and MAHA.

What Staking Pools are live and what rewards do people earn?

Users can stake the following tokens
  • ARTH
  • MAHA
LP token pools receive greater rewards than individual token pools as LP token holders generally carry on greater risk (impermanent loss) than individual token holders.