ARTH Guidebook
Introducing Loans
ARTH Loans is an algorithmic borrowing protocol that lets users draw interest-free loans against their crypto assets used as collateral. Loans are always lent in ARTH valuecoin (a stablecoin pegged to the Global Measurement Unit). Users need to commit a minimum Collateralization Ratio (CR) of 110%.
Because of the low collateralization ratio, it is essential to secure the protocol via other means.
The protocol also uses secondary measures to secure the loans. In surplus to the 110% collateral committed, there exists a Stability Pool of ARTH valuecoin. This pool acts as a means of last resort if the protocol needs to go in Recovery mode.
Learn more about the Stability Pool below.
ARTH Loans is a fork of Liquity protocol with modifications that allow:
  • To open loans with multiple cryptocurrency collaterals
  • Have governance govern the various parameters of the protocol.
  • A dynamic price peg
  • A lower minimum collateral ratio for stablecoin pools. (105% instead of 110%)
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