In this page, we discuss the features of ARTH Loans
ARTH Loans will boast a number of features:
0% Interest Loans(at launch): You take out loans. That’s it. No interests accrued, at all. Loans are sanctioned when users put more than 110% collateral(WMATIC, WETH, DAI) into the system.
Stability Pool for rewards(at launch): As pooled users, you receive liquidated collateral as rewards. The pool always remains in a net positive position because of the model design. Stability pool providers provide the pool with their ARTH tokens.
Minimal Collateralization Ratio(at launch): 110% — that’s it. Although we advise users to put a CR of not below 150%, the system allows for collateralization up to 110%. That means you can only be liquidated once your CR reaches below 110%.
Leveraged Loans Position(upcoming): Leveraged loans allow for DeFi users to not only create loan positions at 110% CR, but also take leverage on that position. We will introduce this feature soon.
Staking Rewards(already live): You can find a list of all staking/farming programs on https://polygon.arthcoin.com/#/farming. More LP/Staking Pools with partner projects will be announced at launch.
Last modified 3mo ago
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